3 channels was going to make huge pump in an alliance today: @BittrexYobitsWhales,@ToTheMoon,@BittrexYobitPumpSignal (SuperManPower)

This is how those channels posts look like when I made the screenshots an hour later preparing this article: (time on screenshots is GMT+3):

1. BittrexYobitPumpSignal (SuperManPower) promoted the BYC coin at 18:30:18 (or GMT 15:30:18). Then 2 minutes later they promoted the same coin once again.

2. ToTheMoon promoted the same BYC coin at 18:32:09, 2 minutes later then the channel above.No doubt members of @ToTheMoon who haven't subscribed to BittrexYobitPumpSignal lost their money in this pump. 

3. BittrexYobitsWhales at first glance just apologizes for a "network problem".

But my Bot software makes channels logs among others wonderful things. Take a look at detailed channels logs for this pump; I added comments to most interesting moments:

#BLITZ     #failpump    

Completely failed pump. Only 3% price increase.

  • Coin: vTorrent (CURE)
  • Source: @WePump
  • Price raised: 3%

Despite i still made small profit in this pump, I call it failed, cause 3% is naught for the channel with 49k members. The admin picked a coin with heavy linear sell wall, which just wasn't braked.

I'll try to illustrate this on our pump bot's charts for cure coin:

#WePump     #CURE     #failpump    

Average pump. Would be really good if there was not a prepump. I post this pump only to show you how our risk limit and detecting of prepumps works.

  • Coin: Blitzcash (BLITZ)
  • Source: @PumpNitro
  • Price raised: 15%

Bittrex 1-minute chart for this pump:


Our pump software 1-second chart:

#AveragePump     #PumpNitro     #BLITZ    

Surprisingly smooth pump with almost zero prepump and long duration. I said "surprisingly" because previous pumps of this channel was worse. Evidently they took efforts to do it better!

  • Coin: InfluxCoin (INFX)
  • Source: @PumpingUp
  • Price raised: 10%

Bittrex 1-minute chart for this pump:

 INFX Bittrex Pump chart

Our pump software 1-second chart:

#smoothpump     #PumpingUp     #INFX    

Very nice pump. Easy 14% price gain with almost no risk cause of long enough duration.

  • Coin: Agoras (AGRS)
  • Source: @PumpNitro
  • Price raised: 14%

Bittrex 1-minute chart for this pump:


Our pump software 1-second chart:

#smoothpump     #PumpNitro     #AGRS