Very smooth pump with zero prepump. Not that much price gain (8%), but almost no risk cause of long enough duration.

  • Coin: vTorrent (VTR)
  • Source: @WePump
  • Price raised: 8%

Bittrex 1-minute chart for this pump:

Bittrex vTorrent Pump

Our pump software chart for the same time:

vTorrent Bittrex Pump Bot chart

By the way this chart can father confirm that Telegram messages come to Telegram datacenter with almost no delay. Look at the vTorrent pump announcement message which has come in @WePump channel, the channel contains more then 48 000 members:

  vTorrent pump announcement

As you can see, the exact time of the message is 23:00:01. Lets now look at VTR pump chart at 1-second resolution:

vTorrent Bittrex Pump Bot chart

Well, there are 2 buy orders before 23:00:01, we excuse the channel admin If it was him, or more likely it was random people. Anyway those orders had no effect on price at all. As for me, I managed to buy at 23:00:03 with pump Bot (the big green point with black tick), 2 seconds delay between 00:01 and 00:03 consists of human reaction and bittrex lag. If Telegram had reasonable lags, there would have been people who had received the message earlier and so had bought earlier.

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