Very smooth pump with zero prepump. Easy 10% price gain with almost no risk cause of long enough duration.

  • Coin: SolarCoin (SLR)
  • Source: @ToTheMoon
  • Price raised: 10%

Bittrex 1-minute chart for this pump:

 SLR Bittrex Pump chart

Our pump software chart:

SLR Bittrex Pump Bot chart

This pump came as a "hodl signal", they suggest us to buy and hold the coin for a while. Note that we are talking not about fundamental trading. Our pump software is designed to make fast profit on pumps, and it does it perfectly. So I have no idea about how long anyone should hold the SLR coin. As for me, I sold it at 2nd minute of the pump:) You can see on the chart above that price was still raising, but i decided not to risk more and take profit.

SLR Bittrex Pump signal

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