This pump signal has came as a hold signal in Captain_asdf channel @PumpNotifier. As i mentioned earlier, we don't care about holding for longer then couple minutes and consider each signal in terms of gaining fast profit. Since Captain stopped doing pumps, we have only such "hodls" from his channel, which however still can be used as pump signals. 

Bittrex 1-minute chart for this pump:

 SLR Bittrex Pump chart

Despite that big tasty green candle, the real situation with this pump is worse. Lets analyze this pump with our software:

SLR Bittrex Pump Bot chart

You can see massive prepump made at 19:46:01 (2.4 BTC) which has raised price from 5696 to 6200. 13 seconds later Captain released his announcement:

SLR Bittrex Pump signal

I managed to by at 46:16 and sold in next 10 seconds. So despite that total price gain was +16%, the real gain taking into account the prepump was about 5%. Nevertheless, it's profit so i dont relate this pump to scam.

The Bot's log for this pump:

19:46:15  Pump Signal BTC-SLR AutoStart: TRUE
19:46:15  PumpQ=36 24vol=16 hvol=1 sellX2=64 PumpsCount=0 SellProb=65% 72hChannel=19% dVol=9 d: 12
19:46:15  Task 1 started; Ask: 0.00005666  BUY +15%
19:46:16  BTC-SLR Buy order: 4738.4020 BTC-SLR rate: 0.00006516
19:46:16  BUY Order SET!
19:46:17  Buy order DONE! FILL: 100%  Opened: 19:46:16.078 Quantity: 4738.40200000 Price: 0.00006287 (ASK + 11% )
19:46:17  SELL price corrected! delta=-2.01%
19:46:17  d=-2.04 sv=-7.40 r=5.35 V=1.80 VTB=0.00 qvol=0.10
19:46:17  Not that good pump. Try to sell for [actual buy]+1.9%
19:46:18  BTC-SLR Sell order: 4738.4020 BTC-SLR rate: 0.00006407  TryCount=1
19:46:18    *** SELL order Set ! ***  Quantity: 4738.40200000 Price: 0.00006407
19:46:27    *** SELL order DONE ! ***  Quantity: 4738.4020 Price: 0.00006406
19:46:27    *** Sell/Buy: + 2%
19:46:27    *** Sell/ASK: + 13%
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