Surprisingly smooth pump with almost zero prepump and long duration. I said "surprisingly" because previous pumps of this channel was worse. Evidently they took efforts to do it better!

  • Coin: InfluxCoin (INFX)
  • Source: @PumpingUp
  • Price raised: 10%

Bittrex 1-minute chart for this pump:

 INFX Bittrex Pump chart

Our pump software 1-second chart:

INFX Bittrex Pump Bot chart

and 4-second chart: you can see smooth price growing up to 3d minute of the pump

INFX Bittrex Pump Bot chart

I sold earlier at 01:43 just because my main goal was to show you pictures with profits, not losses :) But one could risk more in this case, all Bot's signals told to hold more: small prepump, high "Pump Quality" (50), good buy to sell volumes ratio (3.7 buy, only 0.5 sell).

INFX Bittrex pump results

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