Versions history


2.78  (05.01.2018)

  • The folllowing options has been added to the UI settings (Settings -> User Interface). Mouseover each option in the bot to read the hint.

  • Chart scale button 10% has been added. 25% scale buttton changed to 20%.
  • Pending order of the type "BUY" now has a condition to activate when current market ASK price becomes lower then the order's conditional price. Note that you can set order's price and conditional price different; in case when order's price is higher then conditional price, the order will be executed immediately.


2.77  (29.12.2017)

  • Remote Control via the Telegram.
  • Auto close inactive markets charts (configure in Settings -> Advanced). The chart is inactive If there are no active orders and no mouse events for the specified time (30 minutes by default).


2.73  (25.12.2017)

  • Orders Comments added (In the Order's Edit window hit the "Comment" label in the top-right corner.) The comment will be shown upon mouseover an order in the order's list as a hint. If an order was placed automatically upon a Telegram signal, the order's comment will contain the channel name and the signal text.
  • The Panic Sell algorithm has been slightly modified. If you set up the Panic Sell Spread higher then 0.1% and the current market price drops below allowed level, then your sell order will be immediately replaced to the lowest allowed value. If the spread is 0.1% or less, then as it was before, the bot will actually replace sell order only If current market price is hihger then the lowest allowed value.  
  • Drawing of the trailing stop line on a market chart has been fixed.


2.69  (22.12.2017)

  • Click on an order in the order's list will open corresponding market in full-screen mode.
  • The option "Check buy order's fill by balance" is now off by default. This option will compare initial coin's balance on bot's startup with the balance after you cancel a buy order. In case of heavy lags it may help to check If your order was actually filled; on the other hand, If you bought some coins manually using the site (not in the bot), the bot can not know about that, such balance increase can disrupt the controlling algorithm.
  • Some graphics optimization.


2.66  (20.12.2017)


2.63  (18.12.2017)

  • You can now make different profiles with bot's settings. Active profile name is displayed in the main window. To save\load a profile, click on the name:

    The bot's profile is a *.bcfg file with all bot's settings including your API keys and your password (needless to say that the password is not kept in the config file or somewhere else, its just used to perform additional encryption. Thats why If you lost the pass there is no way to restore it).
  • Unicode symbols in Telegram channels names should be properly handled now


2.62  (16.12.2017)

  • The project has been renamed, now its the Moon Bot
  • Confirmation we be shown when you remove order in the orders list.


2.59  (15.12.2017)

  • Order Book's height on market charts increased
  • If Take Profit and Trailing Stop are set in an order then the Trailing Stop line will be drawn only under conditions when Trailing can be activated (i.e. If the price is still lower then your conditions, you won't see Trailing line).
  • Fixed editing of partially filled order


2.57  (13.12.2017)

  • New pending order of type "BUY" added. Pending BUY won't be placed on the exchange and won't reserve balance until current market price drops to specified level.
  • Pending orders are drawn on market charts as well as limit orders
  • Max order AutoCancel time increased to 30 minutes
  • Some Pending Orders UI improvements


2.55  (12.12.2017)


2.53  (06.12.2017)

  • Market charts can be shown either in "fit" mode or "scrolling" mode (Settings -> User Interface). In the fit mode all opened charts fits in workspace area; in the scrolling mode each chart height is a half of the workspace total height.
  • Sound alert when market price is raising to your sell order's price so that you can react and move your order up. (configure in (Settings -> User Interface).
  • Bug fixed when some autodetection settings could not be saved.
  • Current profit in usdt is added to orders window (If you have sell order set).
  • With autodetect turned off the bot will not remebmer old signals and will not show them on activating autodetect.


2.50  (04.12.2017)

  • New autodetection methods and configurable detection parameters.
  • Improved Buy Volume/Sell Volume indicators on market charts: now they filled with actual values immediately after you open new market chart; you can chose a period to calculate volumes, right click on the indicator to do it:

  • Panic Sell Spread is added: this is the value in percentage of current ASK price to lower your sell order into BIDs zone upon Panic Sell activation (either manual or autoactivation as stop loss\trailing stop): 

    Value can be form 0% to 2%. 0% means that your order will be kept in the bottom of ASKs in the order book.
  • In the "Signals" mode you can chose to use [ASK price 30-secs ago] or [current ASK price] for your buy order. Left-click on the price caption to select (note that in manual mode its always current ask price):


2.49  (30.11.2017)

  • Market charts can now be maximized (if there are more then 1 in the workspace) with right mouse click (just click in any spot on the chart). Second right click in a maximized chart returns it to initiall size.
  • Small bugfix related to restoring the app from the system tray.


2.47  (28.11.2017)

  • You can now swtich Stop Loss and Trailing Stop for a particular market (in the orders window). SL is Stop Loss, TS is Trailing Stop on the screenshot below. If one of them was autoactivated and you manually cancel it with "Stop Panic Sell" button, then SL and TS will be turned off for this market, so they won't be autoactivated again until you turn them ON again.

  • bug fixed when the bot didn't properly read price from Telegram messages
  • If you chose Fixed buy order volume in "Settings -> Interface", the field to enter the volume is hidden by default. To show it, click to "Use x BTC for buy order" caprion in the main window (PRO version only)


2.46  (27.11.2017)

  • Signals mode with advanced signals detection is added. There is a new way to use the bot: Signals Trading.
  • The button "Pump Mode" was renamed to "Signals Mode". According to the new bittrex restrictions regarding pump activity the pump features of the bot (autobuying a coin by its market link or token name) are disabled by default for new users. You can enable them after you agree that you take on your own all risks related to pump activity. This is not applied to Signals Trading because signals are usually long-term, and the buy price specified in a signal is usually lower then current market price.
  • The option "auto-popup on a signal" is added (disabled by default). If you closed the bot to the system tray and it detects a signal, it will popup to show the market chart for the coin If you enable this option. 
  • The possible profit in usdt is added to a market chart. When you have a buy order completed and a sell order active, the possible profit is [current market price - buy price] converted to usdt.
  • Fixed buy order's volume can be chosen in "Settings -> Interface" (PRO version only)
  • Market charts time scale can be adjusted from 1 second to 1 minute


2.41  (23.11.2017)

  • Markets historical data loading on startup is enabled by default now. The function "Control buy order by balance" won't work If the data was not loaded. This function compares initial coin balance that bot loads on startup with new balance after buy order was canceled or partially filled.
  • Exchange's lags handling improved


2.40  (22.11.2017)

  • The coin name to the right of a chart is a link to exchange's page for this coin (for example click to the caption "BTC-BTG" will open

  • You can scroll the chart for time axis with mouse wheel holding CTRL or ALT; the wheel without those keys changes time scale.
  • Bug fixed related to detection of newly added coins to the exchange
  • Small interface bug fix


2.36  (18.11.2017)

  • After the "Panic Sell" activation there will be visual zone on the chart in which the bot allowed to move your order. You can adjust visual opacity of this zone in "Settings -> User Interface". In Panic Sell mode If you move the order, it won't be actually moved, instead the allowed zone will be extend (or narrow depends on moving direction). The buttons +1%, -1% also applied to this zone. If the Panic Sell was activated automatically (as Stop Loss or Trailing Stop) and you cancel it manually, it won't be auto-activated again.
  • If you turned on Trailing Stop in Settings, there will be visual stop line on the chart, adjust color of this line under "Settings -> User Interface".
  • Bot will now ignore Telegram messages marked as forward-to.
  • The option "Control buy order by balance" was added under "Settings -> Advanced", default is ON. Uncheck this If you have altcoins on your account and don't want the bot to trade them (In case of bittrex lag the bot controls buy order fill by balance, there is a chance it may take your existing altcoins for newly bought).


2.34  (17.11.2017)

  • Trailing stop function was added.
  • Bug fixed when Stop Loss was not activated after closing markets charts. Now you don't have to keep opened all charts with active orders.


2.33  (16.11.2017)

  • Bug fixed when the bot could freeze after opening too many market charts


2.32  (15.11.2017)

  • The button to switch manual mode and pump mode was added to the main window.
  • The application can be closed to system tray. Configure in the "Settings -> interface" page.
  • in the "Settings -> interface" page you can configure to draw all completed buy orders or only last buy order on the market chart.


2.31  (13.11.2017)

  • Stop Loss function was added.
  • Some settings moved from "Settings -> Main" page to "Settings -> Autobuy" page


2.28  (10.11.2017)

  • The bot will make a backup copy of configuration file "BotConfig-bak.bcfg" which contains your registration info along with bot's settings. 
  • Bug fixed when the Bot did't see Telegram caption messages (a caption to an image)
  • The Bot now ignores reply-to messages (so if a coin token comes as a reply to another message, the bot won't buy this coin) 


2.23  (07.11.2017)

  • Settings presets was added (the button "Settings Wizard" in the main window).
  • Export markets data to *.csv was added ("Show Markets" then you can export the table).
  • Coin detection by lowercase token name added (turn on\off in the Settings -> Telegram page).
  • Added the crosshair tool to markets charts


2.20  (02.11.2017)


2.12  (21.10.2017)

  • In the orders list bottom window the popup menu added allowing to choose to display only active orders or all including executed\canceled:   

  • If you close the application with active orders left unexecuted, the Bot will remember your orders and show them next time on start. 


2.10  (17.10.2017)

  • Market data loading optimization. Significantly increased historical market data loading speed; increased market real-time data handling speed.
  • You can now manually buy a coin by entering the coin name in the "Add Market" box and pressing "Enter". If the first letters are entered on which there are several coins, for example NEO and NEOS, then to fix selection of NEO you need to type [Space], and to fix NEOS write S. So when you type "NEO [Space][Enter]" you buy NEO, when you type "NEOS[Enter]" you buy NEOS.
    Select cryptocoin market
  • The button "Autodetect ON / OFF" is added. In the "OFF" position the bot itself does not look for pumping coins. Auto buy on clipboard's messages is still working unless you switch it off in Settings->Main.

    Autodetect pumping coins
  • Added a list of orders at the bottom of the screen. By default this window is hidden (see below). Active orders are marked with Active. If a chart with with an active order was accidentally closed, you can reopen it by clicking on the "Active" caption. The red cross to the right of the order cancels it.

    Pump bot orders list
  • The height of the orders window and the log window can be changed by dragging the upper border of the window with the mouse. In the settings (Settings -> User Interface tab), you can hide or show them. By default, orders are hidden.

2.09  (12.10.2017)

  • Executed buy order is shown by a full width horizontal line on a chart (instead of a segment to the moment of order's execution). The color of the line can be adjusted under Settings -> User Interface tab

2.06:  (05.10.2017)

  • Added signal sound notification (Settings->Advanced Tab)
  • Buy orders limit in free version is now equivalent of 20usdt
  • Bug fixes